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Tarantino Unchained

Quentin Tarantino’s latest masterpiece is unwatchable. Not because it’s violent, but because it’s very long, very boring and appealing, perhaps, only to junior high school boys.
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Roll’em, Action. … No More!

Making movies on location in Manhattan is tough on those of us trying to live here. Sure, it makes the city look glamorous, but what’s really in it for us? Not much. Read the full post

The Patron Saint of Journalism

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, the giant online shopping mall, parachuted into the world of news, becoming the latest in a strong of superrich businessmen to get his own newspaper. Read the full post

Newspapers vs. the Internet

The declining news business is quite bitter at times about the ease with which web sites can borrow stories. They call it thievery, piracy. But maybe it’s just more business as usual.Read the full post

For more than two decades, I ignored Michael Moore

The arch-progressive documentary maker used a gimmick I didn’t like: coyly filming himself being brushed off by General Motors. I was right all along.
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Copy this content and we’ll hunt you down and send you to the Gulag

When Aaron Swartz stole scholarly articles from MIT and planned to make them widely available on the web, he was threatened with 35 years in a federal pen. Read the post

The American Empire Retreats on All Fronts

What else can we make of it when the young actress Megan Fox is given all the room she needs in Esquire magazine to discourse on ancient Mayan civilization and the painful burdens of celebrity. Read the post

Bang, bang, you’re dead

I saw Wayne LaPierre, the NRA lobbyist on TV after the Newtown shooting, and I imagined Christmas at his place. All have descended from their locked bedrooms fully armed and loaded. Read the full post

10 Reasons to Defeat Romney

Last year, the presidential race took a strange turn into lunacy. The Republicans had a chance, but somehow only clowns were interested in running Read the full post


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January 23, 2013 at 3:23 pm

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